Maintain iPhone Battery Health Peak Performance

Apple has recognized the issue, putting more effort into developing battery health features for the iPhone.

The most frustrating problems they encounter when using mobile that having the battery running out.

The new battery management feature provides battery usage by time and app, to help iPhone users get the most battery life to get through their day.

Normal Battery Life

 iphone battery health service

A normal battery is meant to retain up to eighty percent of its original capability. At five hundred complete charge cycles.

Now, as its peak performance capability goes, it is the quality of your iPhone’s battery to supply an acceptable charge.

Having your battery seen to by an official service technician is the best way to proceed. Which may result in getting a new battery or having your current one fix.

If you’re covered by AppleCare. Then you can actually replace your battery at no additional cost.

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New Battery Health Feature

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If you’re currently running iOS 11.3 and have an iPhone 6 or newer, you can look up the iPhone battery health in the settings.

For older iPhone users that won’t be able to update their phones to iOS 11.3, skip reading to the following component below

Go to settings, and then navigate to Battery > Battery Health.

You’ll see information about your iPhone’s peak performance capability.

From there, you’ll see a percentage next to “maximum capacity”, This will give you a good idea of whether or not your iPhone’s battery is in good health.

For instance:

  • 100 percent: Your battery is presently supporting traditional peak performance.
  • 95 percent: This iPhone has known about the associate sudden ending as a result of the battery was unable to deliver the required peak power.
  • 79 % or less: Your battery health is considerably degraded.
  • Unknown: This iPhone is unable to see battery health.

Performance management applies to assist forestall this from happening once more. Disable…

An Apple licensed Service supplier will replace the battery to revive full performance and capability.

An Apple licensed Service supplier will service the battery.

How to boost the battery life of an iPhone

 iphone battery health

If you’re really desperate to get some more mileage out of your iPhone,
then go for a Smart Battery case.

It can protect your phone like a normal case but also can recharge your phone when you need it.

Then try the following suggestions:

  1. Use Airplane Mode when you don’t need the internet.
  2. Turn off your Location Services.
  3. Disable Background Apps on your iPhone.
  4. Must enable the Auto-Brightness feature.

It is most important to make sure you buy the original battery model from a vendor, and finding the appropriate guide, iPhone battery replacement covering iPhones from the iPhone 5 on up to the latest iPhone.

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Do you have any recommendations for managing iPhone battery health and life? If so, must leave us a comment below!


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